Mason City Country Club

The NIACC men's and women's golf teams home course is the Mason City Country Club, which is located at 3331 19th St. SW in Mason City, Iowa.

The NIACC golf team's have been playing at the MCCC since the 2013 season.

The origin of the Mason City Country Club dates back to 1901 when a few men and women who had played the game of golf became fascinated with it and wanted to start a golf club in Mason City, according to a Globe Gazette article in 2015.

The first golf tournaments at the golf course were held in 1902.

According to a Globe Gazette story in 2015, by October of 1914, additional land was secured and country club board member Hugh H. Shepard traveled to Chicago to secure the services of Thomas Bendalow, a native of Scotland and a golf expert, to advise the directors on course design.

The clubhouse and golf course were erected at the present location, which at the time was a plot of ground three miles southwest of the city.

By early 1915, the new organization was open to membership.